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  • There will be two terminal examinations and a final examination in the academic year which begins in June and ends in March. Monthly test and mid-term examinations will also be conducted. Promotion to the next higher class will be based on the students overall performance rather than his/her performance at the final examination alone. Hall tickets for all terminal examination with random examination numbers will be issued to all students, who have paid their installment fees and other dues, a week before the examinations.
  • Test/ examination cannot be deferred or anticipated to suit individual convenience. No re-examination will be conducted for any subject.
  • Absence or exemption from any subject in any examination excludes the student from being reckoned in order of merit.
  • Perfect order and discipline should be maintained during examinations and tests. Any malpractice, even if discovered later, will be seriously dealt with.
  • The result of the examinations are final and will not be reconsidered.


  • The school endeavors to maintain a well-equipped Library, Reading Room and an Audio Visual Room. Library books are to be taken care of and used properly. While taking a new book out any defect or damage of it must be brought to the notice of the Librarian and Class Teacher immediately. Any additional damage or loss of the book will be made good. Books lost will have to be replaced by student or he/she will have to pay double the cost of it.
  • Students are not allowed to exchange or lend books among themselves or with outsiders.
  • Note books or paper and pen only will be permitted to be brought within the Library or Reading Room. Perfect silence and orderliness must always be maintained within the Library.