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Sanjo CMI Public school is an unaided co-education institution by the fathers of the Congregation of the Carmelites of Mary Immaculate (CMI). It was started on 7th June 2004. It is located in an eight acre campus at Koduvely 3 kms from Thodupuzha en-route to Vannapuram on the state highway. Placed a little away from the dusty and busy atmosphere of the town and in an environment with fresh air, beautiful scenery and moderate climate provide conducive atmosphere for rigorous teaching learning process. The curriculum is according to the CBSE syllabus. Admission is open to all good and earnest pupils without any distinction of caste or creed. The school aims at quality education based on the allround development of the scholars, through the inculcation of intellectual, moral, social and spiritual values, so that the children grow up as intellectually competent, spiritually mature, morally upright, psychologically integrated, physically healthy, socially acceptable, champion of love, truth, justice and equality. Parents and guardians are expected to co-operate with the school authorities in the fullest measure in achieving our aims and ideals for pupils committed to our care.


If education is for life, Sanjo does it better…!!!

Sanjo CMI Public School has already proved itself to be one among the most successful schools in the locality largely and in the Province in particular with its many strikingly unique characteristics which include a conductive ambience for learning, moderate climate, intellectually stimulating and eco- friendly campus. Above all we are so proud to say that we have got a well-mannered, well-informed and well-rounded staff even trained by foreign professionals. Evidently, both the motivating management and committed faculty strive every nerve to make it "Better than the Best…" fulfilling the axiom "No one is stronger than all of us…! As you read through the pages of this site, you will learn about our wonderful students, our School, and get a feel for the vibrancy and strength of our wider Sanjo community. What matters most to Sanjoees its results. We never make any compromise with regards to academic excellence and our results bear our testimony to who we are..!!! Sanjo is one of the leading providers of secondary education. We aim to give every student in our care the very best possible education in order to prepare them for life beyond school and we are giving wings to their dreams. We are a 'Learning Community' which encourages staff, students, past students and parents to involve themselves fully in all aspects of school life and to identify themselves with its core values of Respect, Responsibility, Integrity, Cooperation and Achievement. Our school is large enough to provide a broad and differentiated curriculum that caters for varied interests and abilities. We are proud of our record and of our success in helping students achieve their dreams once they leave school.At the same time, our vision of education extends far beyond the classroom. We encourage our students to involve themselves in the broad co-curricular program. Learning here takes place in many shapes and forms. Students have the opportunity to participate fully on the sporting field, on the stage, in leadership activities, Vocational Education and Training courses and on the Debating platform.We encourage our students to aim high in their studies, to work hard and to be sensitive to the rights and needs of others. Of course, this website cannot take the place of visiting our School; I warmly welcome you to visit our School by contacting us, and discover firsthand what makes a Sanjoeducation so special.


Dear Sanjoees,

Life is a precious thing to be moulded and education is the main tool for the integral formation of a socially responsible person. I look back with appreciation to the excellent and enviable growth of this institution moulding innumerable champions of intellect. I am proud of being the torch bearer, capable of imparting constructive guidance based on my trust in God. I feel exulted to see every Sanjoees moving forward with a single minded vision "Enlightenment through excellence in education"... I hope that all the students, teachers and staff here keep their positive dreams afresh and work hard to make them successful. My prayerful wishes to everyone…


The aims and objectives of the School are:

Primarily to provide Catholic children sound education based on religious and moral values. However, admission is open to all good and earnest candidates irrspective of caste and creed. For, we base our training on the Fatherhood of God and the consequent brotherhood of all human beings. To enable the children to acquire the highest kind of knowledge which will lead them to the understanding of concepts, values and principles rather than the mere learning of facts. To develop physical, intellectual, social and psycho-motor skills of the pupil. To develop positive attitudes to life which will lead to empathetic understanding of others and their feelings. To nurture the values which will determine the patterns of behavior required to live in harmony with other individuals and with nature.


The School provides highly efficient coaching to both boys and girls according to the syllabus prescribed by the Central Board of Secondary Education, New Delhi. The objective of the curriculum is to fully develop the student's individual potentialities rather than to confine him/her to books alone. The medium of instruction is English. Hindi and Malayalam will also be included in the curriculum. Periodical and monthly evaluation and parent/teacher meeting will help to assess the level of attainment of the students.


The Emblem shows a pen pointed upwards with a V shaped flame spreading light, against the background of the globe. 'V' shaped flame indicates victory. The lower quarter of the emblem occupies a text book in which the motto of the school is inscribed. At the bottom there is an oval shaped shield with the name of the school.


Our School privileged to welcome eminent people from around the Globe. Our students getting golden opportunities like to interact with foreigners. That improves their language as well as positive outlook towards life and to meet all the challenges bravely.